They Need Our Help!

Opposing forces are targeting Ukraine's communication infrastructure in order to reduce the Ukrainian citizens access to request for help, receive reliable news and information.

Only until recent, internet and social media operators says that "persistent cyberattack at beginning of Ukraine war affected tens of thousands of customers leaving them without any mobile and or internet service."   

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Current Issues 

As millions of Ukrainians have fled the country, many of those individuals’ lost communication with family members that stayed behind or were separated during the exodus. Ukrainian families are desperately searching for those family members. 

Presently, communication in Ukraine is nearly impossible, Social Media outlets and the internet web browsers are not dependable and are currently under cyberattack, moreover, the communication infrastructure are being destroyed by the opposing military. 


Citizens in Ukraine are currently facing​:

  • Disrupted Internet

  • Limited communication with family members 

  • Lost family members 

  • Expensive phone calls

  • Eavesdropping of calls, tracing and tracking individuals using certain social media platforms  

A single child becomes a lone refugee every minute due to the Ukraine war.

ACCORDING to the UN, close to 2.5 million children have now fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24, meaning one child a minute has become a refugee.