"Mobile Networks Are Being Weaponized in Ukraine "

Families affected by the Ukraine crisis need our help.

Practical Common Technology on the ground is needed now to support displaced families!

“By Invitation Only” 

Test it Free For 30 Days 

We are looking for volunteers that are interested in participating in a Beta Testing Phone Application for Android Devices Only.  

The purpose of this test is to find any flaws or issues before it is released to the wider public.  


The test that is being conducted is for an application designed exclusively for failed,  non-secure, no cell phone services that's been disrupted or destroyed during a natural or man-made disaster. 

Helping  them connect to loved ones no matter where they are.  


We are taking big steps forward to provide a life-saving alternative Communication system for all refugees that might have access to an Android device with or without cell phone service.  

The second feature this app provides is the assistances to locate a displaced individual from Ukraine that could located anywhere in the world

The goal is to simulate what a real user scenario looks like during wars. For example

The lack of contacting family members no matter what part of the world they are

The know location of any displaced family members,

The Lack of communicating via Video.  

The completion of this testing is not only to validate the system under test, but to also ensure that this system work and behave as expected. 

Office Call

Beta Testers wanted  

Beta testers often help work out software problems. A beta tester is someone who tests a product before it is released. Product testers help companies identify weak points in their products that could cause consumer frustration. They also identify specific issues that need to be corrected before a product can be released

Trusted Source

This particular App was designed and developed to work with or without cell phone service to communicate with others via text, calling, or video no matter what part of the world you are.   

This life saving Application has a variety of custom security feature that's built to avoid eavesdropping from unsuspected individuals and to assist in locating any displaced or lost individuals with a tap of a button .


Functional without cell phone service.

Private Connectivity without eavesdropping 

Locate displaced individual anywhere in the world

Secure Video, Text and Audio